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Black Cat Titles
Comic Mayhem
New Comic 
6th-Feb-2008 08:05 pm

New Comic Up!


Got a suggestion for an occassional character. Going to do a character sketch and bounce a few things off of Joey about it. I'm hoping to keep on schedule with 6Pack.

In other news
Still seeking Weekly Scratch ideas. Hit the BC site and send them in or just reply here. Next week the first Scratch will be up. I'm shooting for a Monday publication date on those.

Also, I have to update the products in the shop. That might take a bit longer than I thought. I have so many ideas for other comics going through my head. I've started the character concepts for a stand alone series I plan on submiting by this spring. Probably sometime in April.

Cheese and crackers kids! I'm serious about it this time. Joey would be so proud! lol
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