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Black Cat Titles
Comic Mayhem
Everything in its place 
1st-Aug-2008 10:56 am
*crossposted to personal journal*
Work, plan, work, work, play, work, laugh, sleep, and work some more. I've considering something here lately. Once upon a time FN had it's own forum and that worked well for communication and other silly things. I've been using LJ to meet that end lately. However... even the group I designed to be the target group for the comics has but a handful of members. My own personal journal reaches a lot more people.

I really like having a big 'ol playground for everyone to stomp around in. So, to that end, I'm currently working on uploading SMF to BC. When I'm done, I'll drop a line here:

I'll also be limiting my own personal LJ announcements to there are well regarding all BC works. I have to have "me" space, even if I am a tad boring.
*end crossposting*

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